Leopold Suhodolčan memorial room

The memorial room of Leopold Suhodolčan

The inauguration of the memorial room coincided with the 70th birth anniversary of our famous juvenile writer and co-initiator of the Slovene reading badge Leopold Suhodolčan (1928-1980).

All the national editions and reprints of his works and the reachable translations into 14 languages (including Chinese) are kept in glass cabinets. There are also photographs of his family, depicting some of the most significant periods in his life. His heroes are made live by illustrations of Marjanca Jemec-Božič (Hi, konjiček) and Jelka Reichman (Dvanajst slonov). Some watercolour paintings show Suhodolčan’s own artistic creativity.

A selection of his most important prizes and awards is also kept in his memorial room.


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